War Horse Brewing Company

Soon To Be Legendary

Something's always brewing at WHBC! From Custom Ales, Lagers and Seasonal Beers to our house-made Hard Ciders & Sodas you're bound to find something that you like.  At War Horse, we honor the ones who fight for our freedom. Walls are adorned with photos and memorabilia of those who serve.

Here are the cold hard stainless steel facts on our facility...

War Horse began brewing onsite for the first time in June 2016 and brewed 800bbl in it's first year. In 2017 we added 3 x 30bbl conical beer fermenters and an output of 1500bbl.

Brewing at a winery in the Finger Lakes gives us access to amazing ingredients and some of the smartest minds in fermenting. Find what we make and what's on tap today. 


Brewhouse: 15bbl DME

Pilot System: 1bbl

Fermenters: 7 x 30bbl DME

Cider Tanks: 4 x 90bbl DME

Brite Tanks: 15bbl, 30bb, 60bbl

Canning Line: 125/minute Palmer

Barrel Program: 25 x 55 gallon Bourbon - Woodford Reserve



Spent Grain

We use approximately 500 pounds of malted barley every time we brew. Instead of throwing away the spent grain, our neighbors at Kime Farm feed it to their cows, and oh do they love it!






We source as many ingredients as we can locally.



COFFEE BEANS: Glen Edith Rochester, NY

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