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Something's always brewing at WHBC! From Custom Ales, Lagers and Seasonal Beers to our house-made Hard Ciders & Sodas you're bound to find something that you like.  At War Horse, we honor the ones who fight for our freedom. Walls are adorned with photos and memorabilia of those who serve.

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5 Reasons to Visit War Horse This Winter

If you've ever visited us on a lovely Summer day or a colorful Fall weekend you know that we can get a little busy. Three Brothers sees over 100,000 people through the doors every year; the majority of those visitors are here when the sun is out. There may not be many finer pleasures than hanging out on the back porch, sipping a great beer, and watching the clouds roll over Seneca Lake but, let me see if I can talk you into the beauty of the Winter visit. 

5. Sales

     Having a home-base in such a seasonal region means there is a "peak" season and an "off" season. Get out here in the winter time to take advantage of some killer deals. We run our tastings cheaper when there is snow on the ground and many of the local spots do similar. Visit the Finger Lakes now and you can grab some amazing rates on rooms, wide open reservations at the best restaurants, and sales on all kinds of things here at the Brewery. Pro Tip: check out potential stops' social media pages for specials and deals in the off season.

4. It's Pretty

     The magazines and websites all write about the Finger Lakes in the Fall. The hills and lakes are on fire with colors, the grapes are coming in, the flannel gets pulled out the closet, it's all terrific. But, the Winter has a quiet beauty all its own. A crisp blanket of snow and frost on everything, while annoying to scrape your car out of, is about a serene a view as a human being could hope for. A gentle reminder that every season has an end while holding unlimited potential for an exciting rebirth. Also, all the natural light makes everything super easy to 'gram.

3. Seasonal Beers

     Bless the winter beer. Like the Finger Lakes resident it has to be just a little stronger. It requires a backbone that can stare down another morning of shoveling and look at a 40 degree day like a heat wave. Area brewers are all flexing their muscles on Stouts, Porters, Scotch Ales, Belgian Dubbs, Barleywines, Spiced Ales, and more this time of year. Many of these beers never see what we call a "full run" and will live only in our tap room. Pro Tip: check warhorsebrewing.com for a live menu to see what's on tap.

2. Cabin Fever

     Yes there is a lot to do to keep a production brewery, winery, cafe, and farm running smooth. However, winter tends to leave a little more time between spins of the plate. Winter is when the staff has a little more time to experiment and play around with new ideas. We have been known to roll out the projector and hook up the Super Nintendo for a day of free Street Fighter to anybody willing to stop by for a beer. Also, every Thursday we hook up the Randall and infuse a beer with something delicious and fun. Pro Tip: if you live locally, consider joining our Horse & Helmet Mug Club of our Family Wine Club to stay up to date on events and have an excuse to visit us more often.

1. One on One

     Less traffic often means that if you stop by on a weekday, there is a good chance you will have the bar to yourself. This means you are going to get some seriously good service. Today a couple dropped in for a flight and asked if we ever do tours. Being the only customers in the building they got a seriously in-depth brewery tour complete with tank samples and a chat with our brewers Jenn & Pete. Pro Tip: call ahead and ask for is a tour is available, you can get yourself penciled in to the schedule for the day and have a blast seeing (and tasting) much more than normal. 

There you have it! 5 reasons why you should be sitting down right now and planning a day trip to War Horse on a random Tuesday. I'll see you at the bar. 

- Jon